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Researchers affiliated with CEPS

Helene Ahborg


Helene Ahlborg’s research area is small-scale rural electrification in East Africa, with focus on case studies of off-grid systems and rural development. She is affiliated to the the department for Environmental Systems Analysis at Chalmers University of Technology.

Personal homepage

E-mail: helene.ahlborg@chalmers.se


Monika Bauhr

Ph.D., associate professor.

Monika Bauhr’s main research interests are international relations theory and public opinion theory. She specializes in international organizations, corruption, transparency, environmental and climate politics and carbon markets.

Personal homepage

E-mail: monika.bauhr@pol.gu.se


Frida Boräng


Frida works in the project “Good governing of rural electrification processes in Eastern Africa – The importance of formal and informal institutions”, focusing on instituional conditions for small-scale electrification projects in Tanzania och Mozambique. She teaches at the environmental social science program (SMIL).

Personal webpage

E-mail: frida.borang@pol.gu.se

Dragana Davidovic


Dragana is a PhD candidate at the Quality of Government (QoG) Institute and CeCAR Centre for Collective Action Research. Her educational background is in political science and environmental science with specialization in environmental politics.

Her main area of interest is public attitudes towards environmental policy instruments, and how perceptions of government quality conditions the effects of individual-level qualities on environmental policy support. This is also the research topic of her doctoral thesis.

Personal webpage


Göran Duus-Otterström

Ph.D., associate professor.

Göran Duus-Otterström is interested in issues related to a fair sharing of burdens and goods, particularly the principles of a fair collection and allocation of resources demanded for societal adaptation to climate change. Göran teaches on environmental justice, social dilemmas and green political theory at the department for Political Science and the School for Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg.

 Personal homepage

E-mail: goran.duus-otterstrom@pol.gu.se


Niklas Harring


Niklas Harring’s research is focused on attitudes and public opinions related to the environment from a comparative perspective. He is especially interested in the relationship between citizens and governments and how attitudes towards environmental politics can be explained. Niklas is a coordinator for CeCAR (Center for Collective Action Research).

Personal homepage

E-mail: niklas.harring@pol.gu.se


Kristina Hojckova

Ph.D. student

Kristina´s PhD project is a part of an interdisciplinary research collaboration ‘The New Networks of Power’, which aims to identify possible and probable development paths for the electricity system with a focus on Sweden and Europe. Main interest of her individual research activities is to apply socio-technical concepts to study international and historical developments in electricity systems around the world. She is affiliated to the the department for Environmental Systems Analysis at Chalmers University of Technology.

Personal homepage

Email: hojckova@chalmers.se


Sverker C. Jagers

Ph.D, Professor

Sverker C. Jagers research profile is broadly oriented towards the discipline of environmental politics. More specifically his research and teaching both includes public opinion on environment, green political theory (issues related to democracy and sustainable development, but also environmental justice) and individual’s acceptance for different policy instruments. He is interested in international environmental politics (such as climate policy), institutional theory and natural resource management (particularly fisheries). Furthermore he is deeply committed to issues related to interdisciplinary science and is, since 2009, assigned as the deputy director of the Centre for Environment and Sustainability (GMV), with the stated mission to promote increased interdisciplinary cooperation at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology.

Personal homepage

E-post: sverker.jagers@pol.gu.se


Ole Martin Laegreid


Lægreid is a senior researcher at Uni Research Rokkan Centre. He is currently involved in three projects: Pathways to Energy Transitions (Akademiavtalen Statoil-UiB), European Perceptions of Climate Change (NordForsk), and the Empirical Record of Carbon Pricing (Research Council of Norway). Lægreid holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Gothenburg.

Personal webpage

E-mail: ole.legreid@uni.no

Amanda Linell

Research assistant

Amanda is involved in the research project ”The logics of collective action in transnationally protected reserves” - in Southern Africa, focusing on how formal and informal institutions influence the management of wildlife and natural resources when governing them over political borders. Amanda holds a master’s degree in political science from the University of Gothenburg.

Personal webpage

E-mail: amanda.linell@gu.se

Lennart J. Lundqvist

Ph.D., Professor emeritus

Lennart J. Lundqvist’s research is oriented towards Swedish and comparative environmental politics and policy, particularly related to the sharing of responsibility for the environment and climate between individuals and political collectives.

Personal homepage

E-mail: lennart.lundqvist@pol.gu.se


Johan Martinsson


Johan Martinsson conducts research on the development of the Swedish public opinion related to the environment and environmental behavior in general. In his research he is also interested in what is required to change attitudes and the role of media in this process.

Personal homepage

E-mail: johan.martinsson@pol.gu.se


Ulrika Möller


Ulrika Möller’s research interest includes; multilateral attempts to solve global (environmental) challenges, the importance of institutions in natural resource management and the relationship between security and the environment. Ulrika teaches global environmental politics, including theories on multilateral cooperation and perspectives on environmental security.

Personal homepage

E-mail: ulrika.moller@pol.gu.se


Anna Persson

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Anna Persson’s research is foremost related to institutional theory and comparative political economy with a focus on developing countries. Within the frame of CEPS activities she will, together with Ph.D. Martin Sjöstedt, in 2011 initiate a project on institutional sources for successful adaptation to climate changes in developing countries.

Personal homepage

E-mail: anna.persson@pol.gu.se


Marina Povitkina

Ph.D. student, coordinator for CEPS

Marina's research interests include democracy, quality of government and sustainable development.

Personal webpage

E-mail: marina.povitkina@gu.se


Felicia Robertson

Associate researcher

Felicia is an associate researcher at the department of political science. Former master’s student in political science where she wrote her thesis on the role of generalized trust in large-scale collective action dilemmas. Her research inrests are cooperation, collective action theory, environmental policy and environmental behavior. Currently researching antibiotic resistance as a collective action dilemma together with Sverker C. Jagers and Björn Rönnerstrand.

Personal webpage

E-mail: felicia.robertson@gu.se


Björn Rönnerstrand


Research interest: Environment and health.

Personal homepage
E-mail: bjorn.ronnerstrand@pol.gu.se


Martin Sjöstedt

Ph.D., associate professor.

Martin Sjöstedt’s research is mainly focused on natural resource management in developing countries. Within CEPS he participates foremost in a project on institutional arrangements for sustainable fisheries management in southern Africa together with professor Sverker C. Jagers. During 2011 he will, together with Ph.D. Anna Persson, also initiate a project on institutional sources for successful adaptation to climate changes in developing countries.

Personal homepage
E-mail: martin.sjostedt@pol.gu.se

Jacob Sohlberg


Sohlberg is doing research in the field of political psychology. In this subfield, he studies how social desirability affects answers to survey questions and how political elites influence attitudes on climate change.

Personal webpage

E-mail: Jacob.Sohlberg@gu.se


Helena Stensöta Olofsdotter

Ph.D., associate professor

Helena's research deals with issues related to gender, ethics and public policy and administration. She currently participates within CEPS in a project together with Annica Kronsell, Lund University, that theoretically examines to what extent 'the green state' coincides with or builds on 'the empathic state'.

Personal webpage

E-mail: Helena.Stensota@pol.gu.se

Aksel Sundström

Ph.D., associate professor

Aksel's dissertation investigates how corruption in developing countries obstructs natural resource management and affect the environment. Apart from this he works with several other projects, for instance exmining gender differences in environmental attitudes among the general public and politicians.

Personal webpage

E-mail: aksel.sundstrom@pol.gu.se

Mathias Zannakis


Mathias Zannakis’ interest of research is mainly related to the development of the environmental discourse over time and its relation with different societal actors. He is interested in the role of institutions in natural resource management and he teaches broadly on environmental politics on the programme in Environmental Sciences and the Program for Teacher Training at the University of Gothenburg.

E-mail: zannakis@chalmers.se

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